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What is the Via Ferrata Mount Kinabalu?

Mount Kinabalu is home to the world’s highest Via Ferrata, or ‘iron road’ as it is known in Italian. This route begins at an elevation of 3,200 metres and ends at a height of 3,776 metres above sea level.

The Via Ferrata is a mountain pathway comprised of rails, cables, and bridges that take you from point A to point B while walking alongside the rock face.

The Via Ferrata Mount Kinabalu Kinabalu is divided into two sections: the Torq Circuit and the Low’s Peak Circuit, the latter of which is more physically challenging. Anyone, regardless of climbing expertise, can enjoy via ferrata. Inexperienced climbers now have a safe way to traverse perilous cliffs while still experiencing the magnificent sights and thrills of mountaineering.

There are over a few hundred via ferrata routes worldwide, although the majority are located in the Alps. Mount Kinabalu’s via ferrata is Asia’s first and also the current Guinness World Record Holder World’s highest Via Ferrata.

Via Ferrata Activity

Walk The Torq (WTT)

Walk The Torq is an introductory route for individuals who desire to gain confidence in via ferrata climbing. This easy 2-3 hour Walk The Torq course requires less time than the Low’s Peak Circuit.




French Grading PD – Easy, suitable for beginners, children and senior citizens.


  • The highest point is 3520 metres above sea level.
  • The course is 430 metres long.


  • A minimum of 10 years old and in decent physical condition is required.
  • At least 1.3m in height
  • Average fitness and an eagerness to try new things

Low's Peak Circuit (LPC)

Hike up to Low’s Peak, Mt. Kinabalu’s highest peak at 4,095m. On the way down, take a via ferrata route to witness beautiful vistas and explore hidden parts of the alpine plateau. Low’s Peak Circuit is physically tough. Designed for the daring and athletic individual with above-average fitness levels.




French Grading AD – Intermediate, fairly hard, suitable for guided beginners.


  • The highest point is 3776 metres above sea level.
  • The course is 1.2 kilometres long. 


  • Anyone above the age of 16 with above-average fitness levels.
  • Love heights and want to take on the challenge of climbing Mt Kinabalu and experience the world’s highest Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata Mount Kinabalu's Accommodation

This cozy and environmentally friendly Alpine-inspired lodge accommodates guests in a dormitory-style setting or a private room for four. Pendant Hut, located 3,289 meters above sea level (a.s.l. ), provides convenient access to Mountain Torq’s activities.

You can eat late-night suppers and American breakfasts here, relax in the inviting lounge, and play board games. According to the Malaysia Book of Records, Pendant Hut has the highest post box in Malaysia. Laban Rata’s canteen is just a short walk away for dinner and other meal alternatives.

Check in: 2pm-4pm / Check out: before 12:00pm

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