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Mount Kinabalu Climb – Unforgettable Adventure

Mount Kinabalu Climb – Unforgettable Adventure

Mount Kinabalu Climb

My Mount Kinabalu Climb adventure has been a long-awaited dream of mine. Being a Sarawakian living in the beautiful state of Sabah for over a decade, I’ve always found peace in Kinabalu Park and trying to get close to Kinabalu Park during my time away from my demanding job in the Oil and Gas industry. It never crossed my mind, after hearing stories of adventure from friends who had conquered Mount Kinabalu, I would find myself standing at its summit, ready to take on the challenge personally.

Setting out on a journey to scale the majestic Mount Kinabalu is no easy task. Standing proudly at 4,095 meters above sea level, this Mountain is Malaysia’s tallest mountain and attracts adventurers from all over the globe. Climbing Mount Kinabalu promises an unforgettable experience, from the stunning vistas to the physical and mental challenges.

Few things that you need to prepare before setting foot on Mount Kinabalu including getting necessary permits, maintaining physical fitness and get appropriate equipment packed. According to Remarkable Borneo Travel and Tours, there are only a limited number of slots available each day, so booking ahead of time is a must to avoid any disappointment.

I couldn’t help but feel a mix of excitement as we make our way to Kinabalu National Park. The beautiful rainforest surroundings and cool mountain air immediately set the tone for an extraordinary adventure.

Despite the challenges, the high mountain coldness experience can also be incredibly rewarding and awe-inspiring. The breath-taking beauty of rocky landscapes can make it a truly unforgettable adventure. Proper preparation, respect for the environment, and adherence to safety guidelines are paramount to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in these remarkable high-altitude environments.

The journey to the summit of Mount Kinabalu is divided into two stages. The first leg involves reaching Laban Rata, a rest point for all climbers. As I trekked through the diverse landscape, the mesmerizing flora and fauna captivated my senses, offering a glimpse into the incredible biodiversity of the region.

Mount Kinabalu Climb Squirrel
Journey to the summit of Mount Kinabalu – Look at that squirrel
Mount Kinabalu Climb - Path
Mount Kinabalu Climb – This is the path that you have to endure for few hours

I can say that the route to Laban Rata is an endurance test; the steep inclines and countless steps test even the fittest climbers. I was continually asking myself, “What have I gotten myself into?” Endless steps, and our mountain guide keeps telling us, “ndak jauh, sekejap lagi sampai sudah” (it’s not that far, we’re almost there).

Mount Kinabalu Climb - Path
Journey to the summit of Mount Kinabalu – “Sikit lagi mau sampai sudah”

The climb to Laban Rata is challenging, but once you reached, the sunset is breathtaking and beyond imagination. The vibrant hues painting the sky and the surrounding mountains create a moment of pure magic, leaving memories that will last a lifetime.

Mount Kinabalu Climb Hut
Journey to the summit of Mount Kinabalu – One of the huts where you can rest for few minutes before continuing your journey

Mount Kinabalu Climb - Path

Mount Kinabalu Climb - Path
Journey to the summit of Mount Kinabalu – “Mau sampai sudah ni”
Mount Kinabalu Climb Laban Rata
Journey to the summit of Mount Kinabalu – Pana Laban


The second phase of the climb begins in the early hours before dawn. Equipped with headlamps, warm clothing, and a sense of determination, we embark on the final push towards the summit. The climb becomes more arduous as the altitude increases, and the effects of thin air become apparent. Each step requires more effort, but the anticipation of reaching the summit keeps pushing climbers forward.

Finally, as the first rays of sunlight break through the horizon, the summit of Mount Kinabalu is revealed. The feeling of standing atop this majestic peak, with clouds below and distant peaks stretching into the horizon, is truly indescribable.

Mount Kinabalu Climb - Summit
Journey to the summit of Mount Kinabalu – I will endure and ready for my next mount kinabalu climb

After relishing the awe-inspiring views from the summit, it’s time to make the descent. While descending can seem less demanding than ascending, it places a different kind of strain on the body. The steep trails demand concentration and careful footing, but the journey back allows for appreciating the scenery missed during the climb in the darkness.


Mount Kinabalu Climb - Summit
Journey to the summit of Mount Kinabalu – Look at that amazing view



As we made our way down, the vibrant colours of the flora and the distant calls of wildlife added a touch of serenity to the experience. Descending through the rainforest, I couldn’t help but marvel at the natural beauty that surrounded me, grateful for the opportunity to be part of this remarkable journey.

Completing the climb of Mount Kinabalu brings a profound sense of accomplishment and self-discovery. It’s not just about conquering a physical challenge; it’s about pushing boundaries, overcoming fears, and embracing the wonders of nature. The journey up Mount Kinabalu is a testament to the power of the human spirit and serves as a reminder of the beauty and resilience of our planet.


Hoping to Climb Mount Kinabalu

At the age of 50, without a regular gym routine, my unwavering determination to reach the summit of the magnificent Mount Kinabalu serves as a testament to the fact that age and physical condition need not be barriers to achievement. This journey shown that with sheer determination, anyone can conquer new heights. Each step taken along the way reinforces the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and the remarkable strength of the human spirit.

Just like in life, In every journey towards a goal, the initial stages often prove to be the most challenging and difficult. As we set out, the path may seem steep, and the obstacles can be intimidating. We see people drop out along the way, our pace slows, and tiredness begins to take hold.

However, as we catch a glimpse of the mountain peak, we realize that the end is within reach. If we are willing to endure a little longer, we know we will make it. And when we finally reach the peak, we are reminded that hard work pay off. If you ever find yourself yearning for adventure and a chance to push your limits, I highly recommend embarking on the journey to climb Mount Kinabalu. It’s an experience that will stay with linger in your memories long after you have descended and returned to the realities of daily life.

I would like to express my gratitude to the team from Remarkable Borneo Travel and Tours who made this expedition possible and a dream come true.


Blog written by Mr B (Sarawak) about his Mount Kinabalu Climb Journey

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